The Hue (2007-2008)

The Hue is aggressive progressive instrumental rock. Seamless, flowing compositions with furious musicianship and a sense of elation rarely found among progressive rock practitioners are the staple of The Hue’s ever-expanding catalogue. The quartet brings the audience along for a barrage of rock’s ferocity cut with jazz’s meticulousness & sense of melody, all tied together with funk sensibilities that lead to unforgettable crests.

  • Co-produced, art directed & played bass on debut album, "Unscene" (2007) - recorded at Rax Trax Recording (Chicago, IL)
  • Composed music “Up To Yu” & “Sky Runner”
  • “Up To Yu” featured on Richard Milne’s Local Anesthetic radio show on 93 XRT Radio (Chicago, IL)


THE HUE - "WE CAN ALL BE ONE" (Music by Geoff Shell)

Live @ The Canopy Club 1/17/08

THE HUE - "HOT GIARDINIERA" (Music by Jared Rabin) & "SKY RUNNER" (Music by Geoff Shell)

Live @ Kinetic Playground 9-27-07